DB Digi is the voice of their clients and employees across advertising channels in the United States. DB Digi also serves as advocates in the general advertising and digital world for supporting ethical and proper business practices.

Our Weapon

Our People! Steered by award winning management team and developers, DB Digi pulls from a roster of top talent from all the silicon communities all over the United States. No matter what you need, we can create an app for that.

DB Digi Platform

Welcome to the DBD Platform! DDL Plus™ (Direct Digital Link) is an all in one platform that can be used to help simplify complex geo linking issues. Our system is compatible with Pandora, Spotify, FaceBook, and Google Adwords just to name a few. With DDL Plus™, you can also track phone calls, email campaigns, form leads, and other data points which is all relayed into a nice easy to understand dashboard.

Portability! If you have an experiential team that is hitting the town, have them use our mobile app. This will allow them to take lead information no matter where they are with or without an internet connection. You can also check to see how your team is doing by motoring the mobile version of the dashboard.

This is our proprietary system which means if our current platform needs to be customized to your needs, our team can implement those changes for you. No matter if you are a single store owner or a marketing director with 1600 locations, our system is scalable to your needs.

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Case Studies


Goal was to create a dealer association site that can integrate into the Cadillac national site while achieving high rankings in specific keywords to support the local dealer group.


The initial design was originally used as a temporary landing page that could be used for the dealers to track how their nondigital mediums were performing on the web. DB was then requested to expand the site to create more of an integrated interface with the national site but also allowing the site to list members of the association.

With substantial SEO work, the site has taken over and maintained the number 1 ranked spot under keywords that have been occupied by lead aggregators. The SEO team continues to manage and increase the site's ranking on other strategic keywords.

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Fox’s home DVD store contacted DB to assist on "fast channeling" their new DVD releases so they would rank faster on the web.


The sites were created with a six month lead-time allowing DB to do an aggressive SEO campaign resulting in ranking within the first page on very competitive keywords. Due to performance, DB was awarded the Foxstore.com as a long-term project.

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Xceede Financial

Xceede Financial is Xerox's credit union. DB was asked to create a social campaign to communicate to their customers


DB examined their current efforts and looked on how to streamline their campaign. DB was able to more than double their social following within a short time and continues to grow

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